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HB 412 passed and signed into law!

We are so pleased to announce the passing of HB 412 as of May 2022.  Thank you for your letters of support and help!


Continued support and sponsorship will be needed to ensure the success and implementation of this bill.  See sponsorship tab to learn more about the opportunities.


Representative Katie Dempsey presents HB 412 to the House of Representatives on February 10, 2022. 

GABA is now on the way to implement the state licensure for Behavior Analysis.


Currently, 33 states require state licensure for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).  Georgia is on track to add to that number with the passing of HB 412.


Licensure is necessary to accomplish these two major goals outlined by the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts:

  1. Specify requirements for obtaining and renewing the government-issued credential (license, certificate, or registration)

  2. Determine the composition and operations of the board or other entity that is to manage the credentialing program, fees, ethical and disciplinary standards, complaint and investigatory procedures, and sanctions that can be imposed on credentialed individuals as well as those who practice without holding the required credential



Dr. Colin Muething, former president of GABA and the Licensure Committee chair describing the bill, the potential impact, and taking questions at the Regulated Industries Committee hearing in February 2021.

Rep. Katie Dempsey sharing about HB 412 during a Regulated Industries Committee hearing in February 2021. 

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