February 2021 


Currently, 31 states require state licensure for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs); however, Georgia is not one of those states.


Licensure is necessary to accomplish these two major goals outlined by the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts:

  • Specify requirements for obtaining and renewing the government-issued credential (license, certificate, or registration)

  • Determine the composition and operations of the board or other entity that is to manage the credentialing program, fees, ethical and disciplinary standards, complaint and investigatory procedures, and sanctions that can be imposed on credentialed individuals as well as those who practice without holding the required credential

With Licensure, we can help ensure the quality of applied behavior analysis services by protecting professionals and consumers alike. The GABA Licensure Committee has been working to pass a licensure bill that will help us as BCBAs, take control of these licensure efforts.


Please view HB 412 on the Georgia General Assembly website here. We have secured a lobbyist to assist us with obtaining licensure. In the short time we have worked with our lobbyist, Wendi Clifton, she has gotten this bill in front of legislatures for discussion. We hope in the next 1-2 years, we will have this bill passed into law.

If you have feedback and/or questions, please email us at georgiaaba@gmail.com.



The GABA Licensure Committee

If you missed our recent information sessions - here is the PowerPoint presentation 

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