GABA History


The Georgia Association for Behavior Analysis (GABA) was founded in 2001 to provide:

(1) a professional network and resource for behavior analysts in Georgia;

(2) a forum for members to collaborate, disseminate recent research, share ideas, and discuss needs;

(3) a voice to promote the ethical and effective use of behavior analysis;

(4) a resource for those seeking ABA services in Georgia;

(5) the organization of an annual regional ABA conference; and

(6) a provider of continuing education for professionals in Georgia.

About GABA

Our Mission:

The Georgia Association for Behavior Analysis was created with the mission to (1) promote behavior analysis, both internally and externally; (2) provide [continuing] education opportunities for both ABA professionals and others; and (3) to provide networking opportunities for behavioral professional and those interested in behavior analysis in the state of Georgia.

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