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Ashley Carrigan, MS, BCBA

Meet Ashley Carrigan, a successful Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 10 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis. Ashley has dedicated her career to helping individuals with autism and other developmental disorders improve their communication and social skills.

Ashley received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Georgia State University before going on to earn her Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TSCPP). She became an ABA Therapist in 2012 working at the Lovaas Institute in Los Angeles and has since worked with a diverse range of clients, including children with autism, adults with intellectual disabilities, and individuals with mental health disorders. Currently, Ashley is completing her dissertation towards a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis at TCSPP, while simultaneously working as an Adjunct Professor.

In addition to her work as a clinician, Ashley has experience in early intervention, education and with non-profits. She has also been an active member of the behavior analysis community by serving on the committee of several student boards, as a professional member of several organizations and by creating continuing education learning opportunities for other professionals. She has also served in leadership roles implementing formal clinical, training, and organization-wide programs.

Ashley is passionate about spreading the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to other fields and using the science to improve skill development, business structure, and individual behavior in homes, schools, and communities for humans from all backgrounds. 

In her current role, Ashley serves as the Director of Training & Development at Achievements ABA Therapy. In this role, she is responsible for developing and implementing training programs for new and existing BACB trainees, as well as providing ongoing support and guidance to help them improve their skills. She is also involved in assessments and interventions that are tailored to the needs of diverse populations. Furthermore, Ashley is passionate about her work and is committed to helping other professionals provide the highest level of care to their clients, is a strong leader and is respected by her colleagues for her knowledge and expertise in the field of ABA.

In recent years, Ashley has become particularly interested in issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of behavior analysis. She has focused on advocating for the incorporation of individuals from diverse backgrounds in her clinical work and by developing culturally competent interventions that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. This has led her to the launch of her own company, Center for Young Minds Behavior & Learning, LLC (CYMBL), which has a mission and drive focused on creating a meaningful and systemic change towards more equitable environments.

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