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Licensure Board Updates

HB412: Budget and Board Members


Since the passage of HB 412, which establishes a licensing board for behavior analysts in the state of Georgia, we have been waiting for two major items to be finalized. The first is confirming the allocation of money from the state budget to fund our licensing board. There is currently money set aside in the upcoming budget for the licensing board.  We are now waiting for the Governor to sign the budget, which should be done by the end of April or early May.  We will continue to work with the Secretary of State's office to increase funding in upcoming fiscal years.


The second is the identification of the members of this board.  Potential names for members of the licensing board have been sent to the Governor for consideration. We are in a waiting period for the Governor’s decision, and it’s important to recognize that he does not have to select from our suggested list.  We anticipate following up with the Governor’s Office in early May.


At this time, our estimation is that the board may be operational and creating rules for licensing sometime around July 1st. Once the board is operational, we will all know when it seems that the licensing process for BCBAs in Georgia may begin.  Further, we anticipate the licensing board to be providing licenses by the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

--Your GABA Board

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