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Mindy Sheithauer, Ph.D,BCBA-D

Presentation Title: Applied Behavior Analytic Principles in Supervision to Promote Successful Transitions to Independent Practice 



Name(s) of Co-author(s), if any: N/A 


Presentation Abstract: 

As behavior analysts, principles of data-collection, data-based decision making, reinforcement, and generalization are at the forefront of consideration in clinical care. However, these principles are often overlooked when attempting to change behavior in supervisees. This presentation focuses on applying these well-studied principles to the domain of supervision. We will discuss methods for monitoring and tracking supervisee progress and ways to incorporate principles of reinforcement. We will also outline the types of skills necessary for supervisees to be able to adequately generalize their behavior to become independent clinicians and how supervisors can facilitate this transition. These skills include those listed in the BACB competencies, as well as those that focus on more general clinical abilities, such as rapport building and professionalism. We will also discuss the many ethical dilemmas that a supervisor may face along the course of this transition. Attendees should leave the presentation with practical skills to use in current and future supervision relationships. 


Learning Objectives (at least 2): 

1. Attendees will describe at least two different methods for assessing supervisee performance. 

2. Attendees will identify several skills that are necessary for supervisees to generalize skills to become independent clinicians.

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